6 Types of Content Marketing for Millennials

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Content that generates loyalty is more than a blog post. Although those play a big role, loyalty-driven content marketing is driven by a deeper understanding of your customer persona, their engagement behaviors, and your company goals.

Some of the short examples we will share may not exactly fit with your brand, but you can deploy them based on your specific needs.


A great way to gain credibility, spark opinion and build though leadership. Whatever industry you are in, you have expertise that your audience will be interested in hearing about. A blog filled with advice, ‘how-tos’, opinions and topics related from your industry can be a brilliant way to present and share your knowledge and connect with your audience.


Newsletters are one of the most profitable pillars of content marketing. Emails have been known to provide an overall high conversion rate when deployed effectively. They can often provide useful purpose along every stage of the consumer journey. You can use them to share product updates or nurture your leads. How ever you use them, ensure that you are relevant.


eBooks are the perfect opportunity to expand on different facets of your business or topics in your industry that you think people will benefit from understanding, the purpose is to let the customers see you as helpful and knowledgeable. eBook is an opportunity to give detailed insight on an area of expertise, enhance your reputation and most importantly to generate new leads. Writing an eBook also gives you the ability to showcase your authority on a subject in greater level of depth than a blog post allows.

Video Content 

Video content is the one most effective way to engage and get across information. If your brand is visual or you have stuff worth showing off to the customers, get the camera out and start sharing. YouTube is a great platform to connect to a new audience and it is much easier than you think to put together a professional looking video.

Images and infographics

Graphic images and infographics can be a great way to share tips and tricks with your fans in a n engaging and highly accessible visual way. This kind of content is often much easier to share – which is a great thing as long as people know that your company created it in the first place! Make sure you put your company name and URL in the image/infographic somewhere.

Social Media Engagement

Independently, as well as integrated with the above content types, social media is a fantastic way to stay connected and inform and respond to your audiences. Social updates are perfect in keeping your brand top of mind among your prospective and existing customers. At an individual level it can allow you to provide excellent levels of customer service, at a more holistic level it can attract fans, improve your SEO and enhance your brand by having engaging content and the ability for content to easily attain viral context.

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